Plumbing problems aren't fun for anyone. But they are especially troublesome when you operate a restaurant or retail business. Your customers rely on the cleanliness and presentable nature of your bathroom, so ongoing plumbing problems may frustrate and alienate your customers. 

How Plumbing Problems Harm a Business

Restaurants are meant to be a place that is appetizing. If your bathroom is stinky or leaky, it takes away from the dining experience. For retail businesses, a bathroom is sometimes the draw that brings a customer in, whether you like it or not. But they are more likely to leave and distance themselves from a disgusting bathroom than they are to stay and browse around or let something catch their eye. In short, this is a big problem for these heavily customer service-oriented businesses. 

What's the Problem? 

With these high-volume toilets, there are many things that tend to go wrong. Clogs are a big one; you can't be sure that all of your guests will treat your business plumbing system as nicely as they would their own. Some of this can be stemmed by more regular cleaning and plumbing maintenance, but some of it is due to the inevitably high maintenance needs of heavily-trafficked restrooms. Another thing that you may see a lot of is plumbing leaks. With so many gallons of water being flushed per day, the seal on the toilet is constantly eroded. 

How Do You Fix It?

Call in a commercial plumbing services team right away to deal with plumbing issues. The longer you have to deal with a less-than-perfect bathroom situation, the more time you will devote to cleaning up messes and dealing with complaints, and the greater the chance is that you will lose sales because of it. 

In these types of businesses, simply shutting down a restroom is not a great idea. It may anger your customers. See if you can work a deal out with a neighboring business to grant your customers access to their restroom facilities for the time that your plumbing is under maintenance. Often it's as simple as paying them an hourly or daily fee. 

Opt for fixes that will work well in the long term. Instead of having your plumber remove a clog from the plumbing, consider whether your fixtures are lending themselves to the clog. Older toilets should be replaced, without question. Your repeated plumbing woes might just be a sign that it's time for an upgrade. 

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