It's very important that you pay careful attention to some education fads, to know where the field is headed and how your kids will learn in the coming years. There are a number of trends that you'll want to pay attention to in this regard. For instance, you'll learn all about the boom of home schooling, why mobile apps are becoming huge in the education system and why charter schools may be a great idea. To this end, follow these points and apply these education fads as needed. 

Education Fad #1: Home Schooling

Be sure that you're doing your best to match your child with the learning style that can serve them best. Many parents are taking matters into their own hands and home schooling their children. Homeschooling your kids is a great idea, because you'll be able to pattern the curriculum to your child's learning style.

Additionally, you'll have plenty of time to form a connection with your kids, so that you're not missing any quality time. Homeschooling your kids will keep you in the loop on the latest methods and education fads, while also helping you brush up on your own fundamentals and even learn things you were never taught. 

Education Fad #2: Using Mobile Apps

Without question, mobile apps will be a huge presence in the education system moving forward. The majority of humans on the planet browse the web every day through the use of mobile devices, and these numbers will only keep growing.

With apps targeted to educational subjects, students are able to learn and have fun at the same time. These educational mobile apps have impeccable interaction potential, which makes it easier for teachers, parents and students to remain on the same page. These apps are also available at all times, so students who want study tools will have full access. 

Education Fad #3: Charter Schools

Finally, it's important that you weigh the different types of schools that you are sending your kids to. Charter schools are growing in popularity, since these schools have higher standards and strict accountability, close engagement with parents and student populations that are focused and filled with achievers. A lot of studies have been done into these charter schools, so you can expect for them to open up in increasing numbers over the next few years. 

Consider these three tips to learn all you can through local ed fads critic.