Fire extinguishers are an important part of keeping your office and employees safe. With many people working in a small space with electronic equipment and using microwaves, fires are a constant risk. An extinguisher could mean the difference between destruction of your office and quickly putting out a fire before it can do damage. In addition to installing extinguishers, you need to have them serviced regularly and teach your employees how to use them. The easy way to do that is to buy the extinguishers from a company that also provides services such as the ones below.

Selection And Installation Of Extinguishers

It's important to use the right extinguisher for the right type of fire. An all purpose extinguisher that uses dry powder may be the best for an office that might experience paper and electrical fires. A fire professional can help you choose the right kind of extinguishers for your building. For instance, if you have an employee kitchen, you may want a small kitchen extinguisher in there. The extinguishers you choose will then be installed in the ideal locations so employees can grab them and use them safely while keeping their backs to an exit.

Training Of Employees

Yearly training of your employees is a good idea and it may even be required by your local fire marshall. In addition, you may need to hold regular training classes for new employees if your office sees a large turnover in staff. You can leave this training to the company that provides your fire extinguisher services so you know employees learn the proper technique. Employees may even be able to handle an extinguisher to get used to the way it feels and learn how to handle the weight.

Inspection And Maintenance Of Extinguishers

Once your extinguishers are in place, you'll need to have inspection stickers placed on them. The sticker indicates the extinguisher has been checked by a professional and is charged and ready to use. You'll probably be required by local fire codes to have this basic inspection done on your extinguishers once each year. Depending on the type of extinguishers you have, you'll need more thorough inspections done at other intervals. These more in-depth inspections require the extinguishers to emptied and inspected to ensure they are still functioning properly. Then they are recharged and tagged as ready to use.

All of these services are necessary because a fire extinguisher is useless if no one knows how to use it or if it malfunctions. Plus, when inspections are required by law, you'll avoid fines when you maintain your extinguishers properly. You can continue reading more about fire extinguishers here.