If you are going to be renting an air compressor, take a day or two to look around the house and think about all the different ways you could use it. Use it to paint a room or the whole house, clean car parts, remove tough nuts, and nail almost anything. However, in order to be able to do all this, you are going to need to make sure you ask for the different accessories needed. Here are a few things you should ask for when you are at the rental company:

Extra Hoses

Unless you are sure the short hose that comes with the compressor is going to be long enough to get the job done, you need to have at least one extra one. While looking around the house, figure out how far it is from the electric outlet to where you will be working. It is always a good idea to have an extra 10 feet or so in case you need to move around more than anticipated.

Sprayer Attachment

If you have anything to paint, you will need to have the sprayer attachment. You will find it easy to paint a room, a house, or even your bike when you can spray it instead of using brushes and rollers. You should get a few different sized nozzles too so you can spray a wide path or a pinpoint area. In addition, the sprayer can also be used for cleaning things. This can be great for cleaning detailed pieces because you can direct the water right at the different areas and won't have to use small brushes.

Air Tools

You might have a few air tools in the work shop, but keep in mind that there might be some you don't have. Perhaps you have a nail gun and drill but don't have a wrench. A wrench can be as handy for taking things apart as it is for building things. You might find that you need to rip something apart before you can do finish the project you want to get done.

You might find it beneficial to buy a few of the different accessories and then you only have to rent the air compressor. This way, you will always be sure to have what you need on hand. Also, once you decide you need to buy the compressor you won't have to worry about buying everything to go with it. You'll be spreading the expense out a bit so the purchase will be easier on your wallet.

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