Fishing charter companies like Riptide Charters often have boats leaving the marina at several different times throughout the day, which offers clients a significant amount of flexibility when it comes to booking a fishing charter. If you're booking such an outing, there can be reasons that you might wish to leave after noon or even during the evening. However, there are a number of useful benefits of fishing in the morning that you'll definitely want to consider. Consult a rep from the charter to discuss morning departures, and you'll likely be ready to book one. Here are three benefits of a morning fishing charter.

The Fish May Be More Active

There's a reason that many anglers are eager to get out on the water as the sun is coming up — in many areas, the fish are more active during the morning hours. Although you'll want to check with someone from the charter to ensure that this is the case where you're fishing, it's common for anglers to get more action early in the morning hours. While there are many theories as to why, some anglers believe that as the sun warms the water from the top, the fish will travel toward the surface to feed in the warming surroundings — and this can make them easier to catch.

The Water May Be Calmer

If you're someone who is a little concerned about getting seasick, you should strongly lean toward booking a morning fishing charter. Generally, bodies of water are a little calmer in the morning, as the wind tends to pick up during the day. While there can always be exceptions to this rule, calmer conditions can make it easier for everyone's stomachs, thus creating more of a pleasant time for everyone in your group.

The Conditions Can Be More Pleasant

Fishing in the hot weather can be a challenge. The lack of shade when you're out on the water can potentially make the conditions unpleasant. When you're booking a fishing charter with friends, you want to do all that you can to increase your enjoyment of the outing — and that includes giving some consideration to the temperature. When you depart in the early morning, the cooler conditions and lack of sun can mean that you're comfortable with some light attire and are less likely to get burned by the sun. Speak to a rep from a local fishing charter company to inquire about morning departures.