Gun ranges are great places to test out guns for sale. They are also ideal for learning how to shoot and relieving some tension, much in the same way people go to batting cages to smack baseballs. If you are interested in opening a gun range within city limits, however, there are always rules and regulations to follow. They may vary slightly from city to city, but you have to follow the ones in your own city as closely as possible if you want to open the range and keep it open. Here are some of the more common rules and regulations.

​Prohibiting Gun Firing in the City

There are several cities that prohibit gunfire within city limits, with the exception of police fire. (Yes, that does not stop criminals from firing weapons, but it does prohibit everyone else from firing a gun into the air or at targets.) If this law exists within your city, you may have to consider an inside shooting range instead of outside. Special rules apply when your gun range is inside in city limits in a city that prohibits gunfire within city limits. 

The Indoor Range

If you do not plan to sell guns, only provide a range to shoot, it is a whole different set of rules. The range must consist of four walls off of which no bullet can ricochet. The targets must freely move inward toward the shooter and outward to set the range. No one person is allowed to step onto the range for any reason to retrieve any item due to the safety issues and risks. All loose pocket items such as keys and phones must be placed in a tray before shooting so that there is no chance of these items falling over the shooting wall. A shooting wall with individual stalls prevents customers from stepping over the line and onto the range, where they may be injured. 

The Outdoor Range (Where Cities Allow Them)

If there is no particular rule about shooting a weapon off within city limits, you may have a range outdoors. However, the safety regulations are intense because local police and rescue teams do not want stray bullets accidentally hitting innocent bystanders. Ergo, construction of an outdoor shooting range has to pass construction and building plans with your city, and the range has to be inspected and tested prior to receiving your first customer.

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