If you are planning a group getaway to a lake for your friends, family or perhaps people from your workplace, you should consider renting a pontoon boat. These boats utilize long tube like structures that are buoyant. Various platforms and decks are fitted on top of the pontoons, making them ideal for recreation. They are primarily found on lakes and can be rented for a few hours or the entire day. The following are a few reasons that they are a great idea for your group activity.

They are available in various sizes

Most of these pontoon boats are specified for seating capacity. Much of this is determined by local regulations for boating. But boats with the same seating capacity can also have a wide variation in size depending upon the features they have. There are double decker models as well as single deck models. On double deckers, the top deck is often used for sunbathing or just relaxing under the sun. The lower deck provides shade for those who don't want a lot of sun. But smaller, single deck pontoon boats can still seat a dozen or so people. They just don't have as many features.

They are available with many different features

The large double decker designs are sometimes fitted with a water slide that feeds directly into the lake. This provides an added dimension of fun to lake swimming. Some of the larger boats have barbecue grills and coolers, so you can bring what normally would be a backyard event onto the lake. The largest units also offer table seating and even a wet bar. But the smaller double decker boat rentals have canvass tops that provide shade for a large portion of the seated people while still allowing for others to enjoy the sun.

They allow for various activities

Various lake activities are often located in different areas of the lake, but with a large pontoon, you can combine many of these activities into a single area. Most lakes are stocked with fish or have a natural ecosystem that includes fish. Most pontoons will have a place away from swimmers where people can do some fishing. And along with swimming, some lakes are a good place for snorkeling.

In order to operate a pontoon boat on a lake, you may need to have a boating license or have completed a boating education course. The rules are different in each state, so you should inquire with the rental company at the lake you plan on visiting in advance. Rental companies have a limited supply of pontoon boats, and some sizes may be more popular than others. Therefore, book your boat in advance. And along with your rental fee, you will need to make a security deposit.