Whether you have an e-commerce store or a monetized blog, your site needs to be live and functional so you can make money with it. However, many site owners just always assume that their site works just fine, focusing instead on design elements or content. While those things are important, you should always be aware of the usability and functionality of every page. How might you work on such issues on a day to day basis?

Experiment on Different Platforms 

There are still site owners who don't realize that not everyone uses their site on a desktop computer or a laptop. Tablets and smartphones are becoming very popular devices, and more people every day are using those devices to visit websites of all kinds. Therefore, your pages need to render well for every device out there. Your web design team should be coding so that the site can be used anywhere. You should be using different devices to check that no problems exist.

Use Website Outage Checkers

During periods of big sales or other times when you anticipate a lot of traffic, being able to rely on a website outage checker is important. Even if you're able to load the pages yourself, others may be unable to. Website outage checkers will scan for activity; some checkers even allow people to comment. Those comments can be very helpful for tracking down whether the problem is with your host or other factors outside your control.

Maintain Your Site

Changes are always being made to websites. For instance, removing items or blog posts is standard. However, you might forget to remove links to content that you removed. This can give customers or readers 404 errors. This can be exceedingly frustrating for site visitors and seems unprofessional. For that reason, you should dedicate time to periodically perform website maintenance. Broken links and other issues should be fixed.

Ask for Feedback

You might still be missing some things that make your site work properly for people. Asking them in your customer newsletter or having surveys about functionality can be a great way to expose blind spots. By reaching out to your community, you're better able to notice and solve problems.

Your website should be making you money. When all of these suggestions are put into action, the site can remain usable and can make profits for you. Consult your IT or design staff and seek help from your web host to learn more about your site's functionality.