The basement renovations for your home can be costly, and you want to make sure they are done right. Basement waterproofing is often needed to do repairs to the foundations. You may also want to have these improvements done after water damage restorations. Before you start repairs and improvements, it is important to know where to use the waterproofing to protect your home.

Inspect existing waterproofing for problems

The existing waterproofing system may be old and outdated, which is why you want to have it inspected. When inspecting the existing installations, you want to look for signs that the old waterproofing is beginning to fail, as well as issues with damage to your foundation. The issues that you want to look for during an inspecting include:

  • Look for water damage problems inside your home
  • Inspecting the foundation for cracks and structural damage
  • Evaluating the condition of existing foundation waterproofing
  • Inspecting foundation drain systems for problems

The problems with your foundation will need to be repaired before updating the waterproofing. Look for these problems and make a list of everything that needs to be done when installing a new basement waterproofing and drainage system.

Begin excavating and updating foundation drainage

When you are making thorough improvements to the foundation waterproofing systems, there is going to be excavation work that needs to be completed. Drainage systems are also going to need to be installed after the excavation work is completed. Excavations and the installation of drainage systems help to improve waterproofing to give your home maximum protection from problems with water penetrations.

Installing the sealants and other waterproofing components

The sealants of waterproofing systems are the most important step in protecting your foundation. Today, there are synthetic sealants that provide better protection from water penetration and last longer. Once the sealants are applied to the foundation walls after they have been repaired, other waterproofing components need to be installed before backfilling the excavation work.

Additional waterproofing improvements to prevent damage

When updating the foundation waterproofing for your home, other areas can also be improved to help prevent damage. This can be seal coating for driveway pavements or sealing patios and other surfaces near your home foundation. Add sealant and waterproofing systems to any areas that are vulnerable to problems with wear and damage.

Updating basement waterproofing in the right areas will help protect your home from future problems with damage. Call a basement waterproofing service for more information.