When it comes to getting dentures made for you, there is the traditional method and there is the same-day method. The same-day method is a newer method of getting dentures made for you and can offer many benefits over the traditional denture making process. With same-day dentures, the dentures are made on the same day that your tooth or teeth are extracted.

No Time Without Teeth

When you get same-day dentures, you will have dentures made for you the same day your tooth or teeth are extracted. That means you will never have to walk around without any teeth. You will get to maintain your smile, and no one will be any the wiser you had some natural teeth removed and that you now have fake teeth in your mouth.

Improved Healing

When you have a tooth removed, the gum can be sensitive. The gum area will often bleed and sometimes swell, mostly if it's left exposed when your dentures go through the traditional crafting process. 

When you have same-day dentures, you can wear them immediately. They will act as a kind of bandage and protectant and help reduce the swelling and bleeding in your gums, allowing your gums to heal more effectively. The gum and extraction area can get irritated when they are not protected.

Protect Your Speech Patterns

When you have teeth removed from your mouth and have to wait days or weeks to get the dentures made, your speech will be impacted. Your speech patterns are going to change as you learn how to talk without those teeth. 

When you have dentures made on the spot, you don't have to learn how to talk without the dentures. Instead, you will be able to keep teeth in your mouth, and the adjustment in your speech pattern will be much smaller as you adjust to the dentures immediately.

Improved Chewing

When you have to wait for dentures to be made, you will need to change how you chew and possibly what you eat, depending on what teeth were removed. 

When you get same-day dentures, your chewing habits are not going to have to change that much. Your dentures may not have as much force as your natural teeth, but you should be able to eat most of the same food and shouldn't have to make changes to your diet.

When it comes to having teeth extracted, getting a same-day denture service can make the extraction process smoother. Your speech and chewing patterns will not be impacted as much as they would be if you had to wait weeks for your dentures to be made. You will be able to walk out of the dentist with a full smile, and you will be able to immediately adjust to having dentures.