Printing has long been a process that produces mixed results, especially when done at home. Either the color will be too bright or too smudged, or else you might run out partway through making all your pages look faded. However, there is a more modern alternative that offers a much better service to a wide variety of content makers who need a uniquely capable printing device. That is where UV flatbed printers come into play. Here are a few reasons why they are so much better than traditional inkjet printers. 

Instant Curing 

UV flatbed printers are called that because, unlike inkjet printers, they have a secondary process after the ink is applied to the material you are printing on. A very quick burst of UV light is applied to all printed materials that immediately makes the ink completely solid with no smudging, bleeding, or discoloration. This also means that you can print on a wider variety of surfaces than are possible with regular ink. Regular ink has to dry and absorb into the material to print on it properly, whereas a UV flatbed printer can print on almost anything, from wood to wax, as long as it fits into the printer. 

Add Texture

Unlike regular printers, UV flatbed printers can also add a third dimension to your work: texture. This is done by printing repeatedly on top of already printed ink in a very precise manner so that it mimics a texture. This is very useful and cool for small businesses trying to brand their products with something other than just a name, but it can be used for all sorts of purposes. It also means that you can print on uneven surfaces, such as a curved area or one with a lot of indentations.

What Is The Catch?

This may sound too good to be true, but the only real drawback is that UV flatbed printers can be a little expensive. That is why most people who need to use them either save up, pay for them with another shared company, or rent one. Renting is a great option for those who only have a few projects a year, but buying is also an option as long as you are willing to take on the cost. Over time, most businesses will likely end up using a UV flatbed printer, as will many households. 

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