If you need propane for your home or business, many propane supply companies will deliver and install a propane tank for you to use, which they will then supply the propane for. Although the propane company will supply and install the tank, you still need to do to get ready for the installation process. 

Way #1: Set-Up Indoor Appliances 

First, you will want to ensure that all the indoor propane appliances that you will be running on the propane are installed. They should not just be installed; they should be appropriately vented as well, as any gas appliance requires proper ventilation. The appliances should also have a gas pipeline that runs from the appliance to the outside wall.  

Way #2: Clear the Work Area 

Second, you are going to want to clear the work area. The installation team will bring in a large truck to transport the tank and put it in place. There will also be a truck that comes in to fill up the tank with propane. You need to ensure that you have the clearance necessary for these big trucks to maneuver around your property. You may need to move any vehicles on your property out of the way.  

Way #3: Provide a Firm Base 

Third, you will want to provide a firm base for the propane tank. You don't want to put the tank on soft ground. Ideally, you will have a cement pad in place to put the tank on top of. If you don't have a cement pad, you will want to have a firm gravel or rock base. You also need to ensure that you place the tank far away from other structures. Many cities or towns have building regulations that dictate how far away from other structures you need to place the tank.  

Way #4: Install Trenches 

Fourth, you will want to place the gas lines from your appliances to the tank underground. To do that, you will need to dig trenches from your appliances to the propane tank. This is generally a task that you need to take care of on your own or bring in another contractor to take care of that task.  

Way #5: Arrange Delivery Method  

Fifth, you will want to arrange an ongoing delivery method with the propane supply company. You can sign up for automatic delivery. The company places a meter on the tank and automatically comes and refills your tank based on monitoring information and usage history for a home of your size. Or you can sign up for will-call, where you call and let the company know when you need another delivery.  

If you want to use propane to power your appliances, contact a propane supply company, and arrange to have them deliver a tank to your home and set up continuous delivery. You will need to get your appliances ready, have trenches for the gas line, and a firm base for the tank. Propane is a reliable fuel method.

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