If you're planning your wedding reception outdoors in a remote location such as a beach, forest, or barn in the country, you'll need to supply portable toilets for your guests. If you've never rented a portable toilet before, the rental company can walk you through the process and recommend the number of toilets you'll need. Here are tips for renting portable toilets for your reception.

1. Choose Basic Or Luxury Toilets

You'll pay more for larger toilets, but you might need at least one luxury toilet to accommodate clothing worn for a wedding and reception. It may be difficult to use a budget portable toilet with a bulky bride's or bridesmaid's dress on. Plus, a luxury toilet has enough room to touch up makeup and style your hair so you can always look your best during the event.

You may want to splurge on luxury toilets for your guests too, but you might prefer to save money and rent basic toilets that supply handwashing supplies and a toilet, which is all most people may need.

2. Plan Where To Place The Toilets

First, decide how many toilets you'll need. This is usually a matter of knowing how many people will be at your event. A single portable toilet rental for events with very few people may be enough. However, events expecting a large crowd that will be serving alcohol will probably need multiple toilets.

Once you know how many toilets you need, you can decide where to place them. They should be on level ground and in a place where the rental company can reach with their delivery truck. Also, consider if you want the toilets spaced out or if you want them grouped together. A benefit of having the toilets grouped together is that they can share a single handwashing station positioned near the toilets.

3. Reserve Your Toilets Early

Once you know the date of your event, call the portable toilet rental company and ask how far in advance you can reserve your toilets so you can be sure they'll be delivered and set up on the day you need them. You shouldn't have a problem finding rental toilets unless there happen to be other big events scheduled for the same day.

Also, you may want to check with local authorities or the rental company about regulations you need to follow when it comes to the types of toilets you need, the number you may be required to have, and where they can be placed so you don't violate any codes.

To learn more, contact a company that offers portable toilet rentals for events