Military uniforms have regulations that dictate how they are made, any alterations allowed, and the pins and patches used on them. Army rank pins, for instance, need to be the right size, color, and position on the uniform, so finding the correct pins is critical if you are on active duty and potentially facing a uniform inspection.

Official Rank Pins

Buying new army rank pins for your uniforms often means finding several different rank pin versions. For dress uniforms, the pins may be gold or silver, depending on your rank, and for daily wear, they may be black. The colors can also change based on your location and the uniform you are wearing for the job you do daily. 

The base exchange on most military bases will have the official pins you need or can typically get them for you. Army rank pins have a specific style and size, so if you are unsure what you need, they can help you get the correct ones. 

There are other places that may also have the rank pins you need. The uniform shop you use for alterations or for purchasing new uniforms may carry the rank pins for most branches of the service that are high quality and will meet the standards. 

Replica Rank Pins

Army rank pins made for replica use, like in movies, on stage, or for a Halloween costume are often easier to find, and some of them can look very realistic. These rank pins can be sufficient for displays or replica uniforms but should not be used officially. 

The quality of the replica pins might be close, but if they are not correct, the differences are not difficult to spot. Anyone trying to use these pins on an official uniform could find themself in trouble with their commanding officer or any officers that notice the rank pins.

Purchasing Online

Some online vendors offer army rank pins, ribbons, and other items, but it is vital that when purchasing these pins that you check to ensure they are the official size and design. Any online vendor selling official uniform pins will advertise that on the sales page to help determine if you can use them. 

If you find the rank pins you need but are not sure if they are official pin designs, call the vendor and discuss the pins with them. Most shops are more than willing to tell you if the pins are regulation size and colors. If they are not sure, you may want to keep looking until you find a shop that sells the correct metal army rank pins that you can use without concern. 

For more information, contact an army rank pins supplier near you.