If you work from home and tend to prepare documents and shipping labels, you will need a good at-home print station. The printer in your home office should be capable of handling large quantities of prints at one time. At-home worker's printers should also have extra features such as double sided printing, fax/copy/scan features, and the ability to print photographs along with typical paper printing. Along with a sturdy, well functioning printer, there are other must have products for your at home print station. Here are four supplemental products to add to your printer station. 

Hole punches and paper protectors

Hole punches and paper protectors should be sitting in the same cabinet or shelf as your at home printer. If you print out any reports or tend to offer reports to clients or businesses that you work with, creating a professional portfolio is important. Being able to punch a hole inside of your papers or slip them into a paper cover will allow you to prepare portfolios and reports with ease. 

File folders

Keeping files separately from the printer is a good way to wind up with a perpetually messy print station. When you print out files, you should immediately tuck them away into the appropriate folder. Keeping all of your files inside of a file folder at the printer station makes it easy to take care of the tedious task of filing. It also diminishes the probability of losing files or forgetting to put them away and accidentally trashing them later. 

Office cleaning supplies

The office cleaning supplies will somewhat differ from the supplies that you use in your home. In your office, you will need a window cleaner that works for digital screens, heavy duty paper for printer cleanings, and dust spray with a high power to keep items out of your keyboard and buttons. Keep these cleaning supplies sitting underneath the printer so that they are in easy reach. At the end of the day, you can tidy up your print station and grab your cleaning supplies to spruce up the office, too. 

Lamination machine

Even if you do not foresee yourself in need of one, a lamination machine is a good idea to keep in your office. You may find yourself needing to laminate signs, promotional materials, and checklists for yourself and any employees. Keeping a lamination machine next to your printer gives you a greater range of materials that you can produce.

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