Whether you're going back to work after raising children, switching careers midway through life, or are facing another situation, it's possible that you may feel a little too old for your chosen career path. Don't let this feeling dissuade you from landing the job that you want. Signing up with a staffing agency can make the job hunting process easier for you, but there are a number of additional things that you can do to counteract your feeling of being too old. Here are some tactics that can be effective in this situation.

Remove Dates From Your Resume

While employers cannot legally discriminate based on a job applicant's age, the reality is that some employers might aim to hire younger people. You can avoid indicating your age by removing certain dates from your resume. For example, in the "Education" section, list where you went to school and what degree you earned, but take out the year. This still lets the employer know of your credentials, but doesn't suggest anything about age. Similarly, if you have a long work history, consider removing some of the oldest or non-applicable positions. You need to include years for your work history, so highlighting those from recent years will be best.

Get Some Training

Another way to feel less old when you're applying for a job is to get some training in an area that is relevant to your career path. For example, if you're applying to be an administrative assistant after raising your children, an online course that teaches you how to use a variety of present-day software programs will help you feel more suited for today's work environment. Additionally, because you can list this training on your resume, you'll show that you has fresh skills in this area.

Work On Your Resume Wording

One of the best things about working with a staffing agency is that you can get help with your resume. If you're a little older, it's possible that your resume might use outdated language or perhaps even be set up in a format that isn't as contemporary as it could be. Provide your agency liaison with a copy of your resume and voice this concern. He or she will go over it with you and upgrade the wording and even the appearance of the document. These changes can give employers the feeling that you're young and energetic, and help you to get a job interview.

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