If your elderly uncle resides with you and is currently unable to walk on his own due to a fractured foot, ensuring that your uncle's medical and personal needs are being taken care of may seem to be an impossible feat during times that your employer has scheduled you to work long shifts. The options below will cover all bases associated with your uncle's recovery and well-being during the times that you are unable to lend a hand:

Hire An Assistant

Individuals that offer senior assistance services can be lifesavers when it comes to multi-tasking. Before choosing to hire an assistant, meet with several people who provide these services to determine which one will be best suited for the job. Transportation to medical appointments, shopping for groceries or other necessities, cooking personal meals, and running other errands are some popular services that an assistant may offer.

After choosing an assistant, create a schedule that highlights each activity that your uncle will need assistance with, the time that each activity should be completed, and any additional details pertaining to a task that will help an assistant complete it the proper way. 

Pack A Bag And Prepare Mobility Aids

If your uncle will need to attend medical appointments or has been wanting to get out of the house and is going to be riding with their assistant to complete some basic grocery shopping or to pick up their prescriptions, pack a bag in advance that the assistant can bring with them during the outing.

Medication that may need to be administered while your uncle is away from home, a first-aid kit, and a list of emergency contact numbers should be added to the bag's contents. If your uncle uses a wheelchair or crutches to assist with mobility, prepare the mobility aids so that they are ready to be transported in the assistant's vehicle. 

Request That A Healthcare Provider Stop By

If your uncle's physician provides personalized services including visits by a home healthcare provider, schedule a time for the provider to stop by and check on your uncle's well-being. A caregiver will be able to examine your uncle's injured foot, apply ointment to the affected area, and recommend changes in your uncle's daily habits if doing so will help your uncle's foot heal properly.

Before making plans to have a healthcare provider stop by and care for your uncle, contact your uncle's insurance provider to discuss the healthcare services and find out if costs will be covered by your uncle's insurance policy.