It often seems that just when your sales team starts going strong, something begins to go terribly wrong. Whether your team has hit a seasonal slump or they've fallen into the habit of just squeaking by with an acceptable commission check, falling numbers means that it is time to shake things up. As you assess your current management strategies, use these tips to heighten motivation on your team.

Recognize Their Wins

Even in the worst slump, there is always a superstar just waiting to shine. Set up a chart in a prominent location in the meeting or training room, and mark exactly where everyone stands. Alternatively, you could ask your sales team to write down at least one win that they have each week to share at the next meeting. From highlighting your top seller of the week to giving each person a round of applause for a job well done, recognition goes a long way toward improving everyone's attitude.

Hand Over the Microphone

By now, your sales team has likely heard most of your best strategies, and a new face at the front of the room will generate some attention. Hire a guest speaker that specializes in motivating sales teams to strive to hit new levels of achievement. Motivational speakers with a sales background tend to stay abreast of the latest techniques for maintaining a positive mindset and interacting with potential customers. For the maximum effect, time your guest speaker to come just before you launch a new product or give the team their next quarter's goals.

Generate Some Competition

Salespeople are known for having a high drive to excel in everything they do. Rev up your team's competitive spirits by hosting a contest based on their sales. For instance, you could see who generates the most return business over the next week, or you could see who had the highest total of sales over a month. If your contest lasts more than a week, make sure to send daily updates to keep everyone motivated for chasing after the prize.

Few things are more frustrating than staring a set up falling sales numbers when you know that your team can do better. While it may be tempting to get upset, your team will respond better to a few subtle changes in your current management strategies. From bringing in a speaker with a whole new set of ideas to giving your team something to strive for, you can look forward to turning your sales numbers around in no time.